Daily life repeats again and again on the outside.

The Opposite side of the skin in my body connected to the sea.

Drifting objects were washed up on the shore.

There are clean and dirty.

When people grew up, they lost and forgot something there,

some of them might have been thrown away.

Pick them up and clean, this is what I do. 

Keep them in my mind, this is what I do.

If I talk about my works as an artist, this is main things about my works. And why jewellery?

Because my work deal with emotions, and emotions come up from body and heart. It is like a scab or pimple. 

It is a reaction from inside of the body. That’s why it is very natural for me that my work is put on the body as installation.

Current series called Fremdkörpern (Foreign matter), mainly talks about how to grow the emotion between us, especially love. 

People are living in the connection. Connection to the past, to the future and society. 

We can’t exist without it. Being part of a society, relate with other people, is what makes form us as human. 

How to live together symbiotically with others, sometimes in a conflict, that is subject for this work.